"nicola are you lost?" "i lost myself"


i tried to watch that avril lavigne ‘hello kitty’ video everyone was talking about but i literally got 20 seconds in before the immense secondhand embarassment and disgust caused me to quickly shut my laptop just to stop the video from playing

Title: Unknown Let It Go
Artist: Unknown ThePianoGuys
Album: Unknown
Plays: Unknown 236063


More Flowercrown srcribbles!


Desmond / Altair / Ezio / Connor / Edward


things literally everyone, regardless of gender, looks good in:

  • suits
  • lacy lingerie
  • eyeliner


"Atlas is a friend of the Parasite. Don’t be a friend of Atlas". (c) Rapture announcements.

► Caro Emerald - That Man

I’m in love with this song. Listen it while I draw. What’s going on here? Just imagine Atlas dances 1:35-1:43 (link above). :D

Nebula + Color Palette


the ultimate vampire hunter (after wesley snipes)

"The windows were all tinted, I didn’t think about it until after I did it" [X]


It’s a machine that goes DING!

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