i've just woken up


Titan Portrait - Destiny Fanart


Unlisted artist but probably Wilf Hardy. From Space Wars Fact and Fiction, 1980 

Tim 'popular with the girls' Drake
Superman/Batman #51

Title: Unknown Blame
Artist: Unknown Bastille
Album: UnknownBlame - Single
Plays: Unknown 25365
Vaas was really a visceral creation. Since my first audition, I knew exactly who he was and what I wanted to do with him… I don’t know how to explain it, sometimes the timing is just right and you feel an overwhelming desire to express something… And when a wonderful company like Ubisoft comes by and gives you that opportunity to just be free and create, it’s a dream come true.” (Michael Mando)

oh it was totally mine and luke’s one year anniversary yesterday

Destiny // Some Exotic Helmets and Chest Armors

Title: Unknown Shut Me Up
Artist: Unknown Mindless Self Indulgence
Album: UnknownYou'll Rebel to Anything
Plays: Unknown 20981
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