"nicola are you lost?" "i lost myself"


Headlights Sculptures by Stephen Shaheen

Miniature Lightbulb People Seek Life

 Brooklyn-based sculptor Stephen Shaheen created these mixed media installations to reflect little human bodies with lightbulbs as heads.

achievement hunter intro lindsay tuggey
professional cat lady; “meow meow, bitch.”

Assassins are meant to be quiet. Precise. We do not go announcing conspiracies from the rooftops to all who pass by!


windowsill: growing up feels like losing your best friend and then making another one. it feels like your heart is about to burst, like you’re being pulled in half by silent happiness and melancholy.

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Mindless Pigs

W I N T E R   I S   C O M I N G

Oh, Death, оh Death, oh Death,

No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold

Nothing satisfies me but your soul


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